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Big Review: All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman

This review is for Teresa (Hi Teresa! Sorry I spelt your name wrong on my first try!) who requested it from the pile of books I have yet to review.


I first read All My Friends Are Superheroes a couple of years ago, when a new bookseller started at the store I was working in and told me that I absolutely HAD to read it. All booksellers have books that they feel that way about. Remind me to write a post sometime on my own “Have to read” books.

I read it and I loved it but I didn’t buy it. I didn’t really like the cover and it’s a very thin book that can be read it a couple of hours. I didn’t seem worth the expense when there are so many other books to buy.

But then I saw the tenth anniversary edition on a table of beautiful hardbacks at Waterstones Piccadilly and I knew that it had to be mine.


Look at it! It’s so beautiful! It has superhero endpapers and lots more mini superhero stories that the original edition.


All My Friends Are Superheroes is the story of Tom. Tom is not a superhero. Tom is an ordinary guy who happens to know a lot of superheroes. Although, you might want to redefine your definition of super. Also, hero.

Tom recently married The Perfectionist, whose power is the ability to make things perfect. Unfortunately, their wedding day ended with her super-ex hypnotising her so that Tom became invisible and imperceptible to her. The Perfectionist, thinking that he just disappeared, has decided to start again in a new city and Tom has the length of the flight to change her mind and make her see him again.

What I liked:

Although this is a small book, it crams a lot in and it feels just the right length, not too short. It tells the story of Tom and The Perfectionist in a way that tells the story of the whole world they live in. I love the idea of this world with its mundane superheroes – most of whom still have ordinary jobs.

Tom and The Perfectionist are both characters you can empathise with and you’ll really root for them and their relationship. It is most of all a love story and it’s a really good one.

I also enjoyed the style of this story. It is told in a series of short, matter-of-fact sentences. I find Andrew Kaufman’s style a little hit and miss elsewhere but in this story, it works perfectly. Maybe if I hadn’t read this one first, I’d like it less. I’m not sure.

As I already mentioned, this edition is lovely. I promise it’s well worth £10. I also loved the mini-epilogue in this version of the story, describing Tom and The Perfectionist ten years later.

What I didn’t like:

I wish it were longer. It’s perfect as it is but, still, I wish it were longer.


You have to read it. Just trust me.


P.S. Number of times I spelled ‘perfectionist’ wrong while writing this review: 3

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